Graeme MacRae Burnet, Novelist (Author of Man Booker shortlisted ‘His Bloody Project’, ‘The Disappearance of Adèle Bedeau’ and ‘Accident on the A35’)

“Victoria has been the first reader of the manuscripts for both my novels. She has a great ability to identify problems both on the macro level of character, pacing and narrative development, as well on the micro level of how individual scenes play out. But most importantly, through her long experience of working with writers, she able to communicate her thoughts clearly and in a constructive and supportive way. I place very high value on her notes and would recommend her unreservedly.” 

Oscar Van Heek, Producer, Director and Screenwriter/ Programme Leader, Screen Academy Scotland.

“Having worked with Victoria for well over ten years I can safely say that she is one of the best Script Editors in Scotland, possibly the UK. Frankly I wouldn’t work with anyone else.” 

Ann Marie Di Mambro, Professor in Television Studies at Glasgow Caledonian University and experienced screenwriter and playwright.

She is an experienced script doctor with many years of experience in drama development and I regard her as one of the best in the business. For our students she provides a vital link between academia and the television industry. Her understanding of the current climate in TV drama is considerable. 

Her analysis of student’s written work is insightful and enabling. The feedback I’ve received from students is very positive. To quote from one student’s email, ‘Her feedback and insight was absolutely amazing and she was just a pleasure.’

She has a deep understanding of the huge and complex world of British and international TV drama and the ability to apply it to individual scripts and ideas.

Trish Malone, Screenwriter. (Winner, Best Screenwriter Feature Film and Drama Series, Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards; Winner: Best Feature Film Screenwriter, Writer’s Guild of South Africa; Nomination: Best Feature Film Screenwriter, South Africa Film & TV Awards.)

“Victoria’s ability to see a project through the voice of the writer enables its uniqueness to shine through whilst helping push towards the project’s greatest potential. Her thoughts are expressed clearly, are always on point and incredibly comprehensive. She understands the form of story in all its complex facets but articulates in a way that is not simply writer/producer friendly but written with such care and intelligence that you feel inspired and ready to take the next draft to a whole new level. Living in South Africa our Skype sessions have proved invaluable – complementary of the notes yet enabling a deep and fluid interrogation of the issues and solutions that are required. I highly, highly recommend Victoria.”

Rodger Griffiths, Writer-director (‘Kill’ Winner of Empire Award New York Screenplay Contest; Selected for Scottish Screen Talent Network Emerging Talent Shorts and NI Screen Shorts to Features Initiative)

” I can honestly say that working with Victoria has helped me raise my projects to the next level.  She has excellent insight into story and character, which can help you in that all-important part of screenwriting, re-writing!

She’s honest and encouraging at the same time. If I hadn’t worked with Victoria, my scripts would not be at the same high standard. When showing your work to professionals within the industry you only get one chance to impress them. Don’t show them a half-baked script.”

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