I offer a variety of bespoke services to both teams and individuals, ranging from one-off trouble shooting sessions, through to detailed script support over several drafts. I also provide occasional workshops in screenwriting, as well as mentoring students and emerging film-makers.

I work equally well with producer/director/writer teams or individuals and can provide feedback on treatments, scripts or even during the edit. Although fiction is my main area of expertise, I also enjoy adapting my narrative skills to work with documentary makers.

If you have any particular requirements that are not described below or simply want to know more about how I work, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me on victoriaevansartist@gmail.com or by filling in the contact form



My minimum daily rate is £150.  It’s possible to negotiate a bespoke fee for longer jobs based on this, or most commonly, clients opt for the standard service outlined below. If you are a newer writer, or working on spec rather than commission, and your budget is very tight, please do get in touch to discuss your needs, it never hurts to ask.

Script notes and discussion – £300

After a thorough reading of the script and an analysis of the existing structure, these detailed notes will outline for you any major problems in the story or premise. The strengths and weaknesses of both concept and execution will be identified, and positive strategies for  progression in subsequent drafts will be highlighted. Depending on what stage the project is at, these notes can be used as a way to give a project the strongest start possible, or later in the development process as a strategic intervention if a project is floundering.

A meeting with the writer, or the creative team is usually included in order that notes can be  more effectively tailored to the circumstances and aspirations of the project. A Skype or telephone conference can take the place of a face to face meeting if it’s not practical for you, or one of your team, to get to Glasgow.


*Fees shown are based on a standard 90 – 120 minute screenplay length and are for guidance only.

To read more about the role of the story editor, check out my blog post ‘What does a script editor do?’

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